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Gear Pump Units of Product Series MKU, MKF, MKL

for oil and fluid grease for use in SKF MonoFlex single-line and oil+air centralized lubrication systems

EC Declaration of Incorporation according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Annex II Part 1 B The manufacturer SKF Lubrication Systems Germany GmbH , Berlin Motzener Strasse 35/37, DE - 12277 Berlin hereby declares that the partly completed machinery: Designation: Gear Pump Unit with reservoir Type: MKU (F) (L) 1 (2) (5)-... ; MKU11-... Part no.: MKU (F) (L) 1 (2) (5)-... ; MKU11-... Year of construction: See type identification plate complies with the following basic requirements of the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC at the time when first being launched in the market. 1.1.2 · 1.1.3 · 1.3.2 · 1.3.4 · 1.5.1 · 1.5.6· 1.5.8 · 1.5.9 · 1.6.1 · 1.7.1 · 1.7.3 · 1.7.4 The special technical documents were prepared following annex VII part B of this directive. Upon justifiable request, these special technical documents can be forwarded electronically to the respective national authorities. The person empowered to assemble the technical documentation on behalf of the manufacturer is the head of standardization; see manufacturer‘s address



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