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314-P3-G1 Deltech 300 Series Filter Model
Model: 314-P3-G1
Filter SCFM
Flow (CFM)
Frequency Hertz
Filter CFM Range: 275 – 839 Filter
Max PSI: 250 Connection: 2 1/2 in
CFM Filter: 775 Micron: 1



General Safety Information
1. Pressurized devices
• Do not exceed maximum operating pressure
indicated on serial number tag.
• Make certain filter is fully depressurized before
2. Breathing Air

• Air treated by this equipment may not be suit-
able for breathing without further purification.

Refer to OSHA standard 1910.134 for breathing
air requirements.
3. Flammable gases
While the materials of construction are compatible

with many flammable gases, the following applica-
tion limitations must be considered:

• Housing materials are slightly porous. The prod-
uct must be used in a well ventilated area in the

absence of sparks or ignition sources. Do not
use in Class 1, Division 1, Group D environments.
• The type of area - forced exhaust system used
(i.e., high or low level) would be dependent on
the gas involved.
• Each application (other than for air or inert gas)
must be reviewed to minimize fire or explosion

314-P3-G1 Deltech 300 Series

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