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Solenoid directional valves type DHAL8 and DHWL8 direct operated, ISO 4401 size 06, ex-proof or intrinsically safe, low leakage execution Available only on request



On-off directional valves size 06 in low leakage execution, equipped with Ex certified solenoids, ideal for hydraulic systems assisted by accumulators operating in hazardous environments. They are equipped with spool diameter 8 mm accurately coupled to the body, granting very low internal leakages, see section Valves models: DHAL8: equipped with ex-proof solenoids, protection mode Ex-d, available with following certifications: Multicertification ATEX, IECEx, EAC for gas group II and dust category 2, or Multicertification ATEX and IECEx for gas group I (mining), or cULus North American certification for gas group C&D DHWL8: equipped with intrinsically safe solenoids, protection mode Ex-ia (ib), certified ATEX or IECEx for gas group II or group I (mining) Mounting surface: ISO 4401 size 06 Max flow: DHAL8 = 40 l/min DHWL8 = 20 l/min Max pressure: DHAL8 = 350 bar DHWL8 = 250 bar


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