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Enclosure Main Power supply Control power supply Duty cycle(on-off) Duty cycle(modulating) Motor Limit switches Torque switches Stall protection/ set temp. Travel angle Position indicator Manual override Self locking Mechanical stopper Space Heater Cable entries Lubrication Terminal block Ambient temperature Ambient humidity Anti vibration External coating Weatherproof IP67, NEMA4 4X and 6, O-ring sealed 110/220VAC/1Ph/50/60Hz, 380/440/VAC/3Ph/50/60/Hz ·10%, 24VDC 110/220VAC/1Ph/50/60Hz ·10% S2: 10Min~30Min S4, 30~50%, 300~1200 start/Hour Squirrel Cage induction motor 2 each for Open and Close (SPDT 250VAC/10A rating) 1 each for Open and Close (SPDT 250VAC/10A rating except for ITQ 0100) Built in Thermal protection, Open 150o C·5o C, Close 97o C·15o C 90o · 5o (0o ~ 100o ) Continuous mechanical indicator with arrow De-clutchable Provided by double worm gearing (no brake) 1 each for each travel end (Open and Close), external & adjustable 5W(110/220VAC) for anti-condensation 2 - PF 3/4 TAP EP type grease Screw and Lever Push type (spring loaded) Basic actuator : -20o C~+70o C c/w control options : -10o C~+60o C 90%RH Max (Non-Condensing) XYZ 10g. 02~34Hz, 30 minutes Dry powder (Polyester)


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