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Note 1. The model with a lead of 40mm cannot select specifications with brake (vertical specifications). Note 2. Upper robot cable (U) on models equipped with brake is a special-order item. Note 3. The robot cable is standard cable (3L/5L/10L), but can be changed to flexible cable. See P.732 for details on robot cable. Note 4. See P.634 for DIN rail mounting bracket. Note 5. The robot with the high lead specifications (lead 40) needs a regenerative unit. Note 6. Select this selection when using the gateway function. For details, see P.96.



AC servo motor output (W) 400 Repeatability Note 1 (mm) +/-0.01 Deceleration mechanism Ball screw ф20 Ball screw lead (mm) 40 20 10 Maximum speed Note 2 (mm/sec) 2400 1000 (1200 Note3) 600 Maximum payload (kg) Horizontal 40 80 120 Vertical – 15 35 Rated thrust (N) 169 339 678 Stroke (mm) 200 to 1450 Note 4 (50mm pitch) Overall length (mm) Horizontal Stroke+375 Stroke+365 Vertical – Stroke+395 Maximum dimensions of cross section of main unit (mm) W168 × H100 Cable length (m) Standard: 3.5 / Option: 5,10 Linear guide type 4 rows of circular arc grooves × 2 rail Position detector Resolvers Note 5 Resolution (Pulse/rotation) 16384



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